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Dropping off a computer

This month we are picking paint colors, well, voting actually. Watch this quick video in our Celebrating 75 Years in business series about our new paint job! #newpaintjob #votingoncolors #winnerwinnercatfishdinner #wwnash #celebrating75years #75years #video #paintingcontractors

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Hey, everybody. Sean with Nas company here talking with Reed Murray about what color should we paint our building? We understand the struggle you guys have. We're trying to just pick a color, so look at our color selections there. That's just the start. Then we got Ryan staying over here taking a look and paint some more in. Abigail, just throwing some more color on the wall to let you know we understand. Okay, I'm back. Different day. Same problem. Choosing the color on the building so we couldn't decide what we wanted to do.

So we took it to the people, and we labeled the building with one, two or three with the green sticky notes. And we're going to take a vote and see what happens. Hang tight. Okay, we're back inside. We're getting ready to do the vote right now. There is the bucket. Who's going to count the vote? Leslie's counting the vote and start the time lapse. What did you need? Yeah, no problem. You're welcome.

Three is an overwhelming favorite here. Ten for number three, seven for number two and five for number one. Number three wins.

There you have it, folks. Number three is the winner. Winner. Catfish dinner. All right, folks, the results are in. And this is the choice. Number three was the overwhelming winner. Not this or that it's going to look good. See you next time. And there you have it, everybody. The brand new color scheme of WW national new roof and all. Hope you liked. Love it like it. Hate it. Actually, please don't hate it. I appreciate you all hanging out and looking at my videos. Have a great day.