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Battle of the Bacon

Battle of the Bacon

This month we are having a cooking contest! Battle of the Bacon. Watch for a cut throat competition and another way that the Nash family bonds over food. #bacon #winnerwinnercatfishdinner #wwnash #celebrating75years #75years #video #paintingcontractors

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Hey, everybody, Sean, with the Nash companies here. Today is the day the first official chopped bacon challenge. So today we have three teams. We're going to have judges. There are people going to all links we're or the Food challenge at www.

Friday. We got all kinds of things happening. I'm not supposed to see or know what any of this is. I'm not looking, but let me just tell you, the refrigerator is full of goodness. Stay tuned here.

You can come back, see clips of us judging, see the food, see the people, see the teams, and eventually the winner. It's official, everybody. The judges Chambers has been designated. Once we enter, we will be sequestered. There is Leslie, the official judges table set up.

Ready to go. Okay. The judges are fast making their little treat. There's Abby, with their little sweet potato, bacon infused biscuits, chili jelly, pepper marmalade with some tomatoes and some arugula and the bacon. Oh, boy, the bacon.

All right, proof of concept. Adam just took the judge's treat down. Adam, what do you think?

That's all right. Don't be embarrassed. Everybody's watching all of the Internet. Really? The nicest peppery, a little bit of sourness from the pepper jelly is good.

Love it. And the biscuits very like buttery cuts nicely. All right. Thank you, sir. Appetizer is approved by judge number one.

Our first dish, dish one coming in with Abby as the grand delivery. Oh, mercy sakes alive. It looks like we have dish one. Yes. Look at it.

There it is. Dish one looks amazing. Plate number two.

Wow, that does look really good.

All right, that is quite lovely. A printed description of what this is nice.

So, dish number three. I did not get the live action, but here it is. It was a bacon infused bacon wrap meatloaf with Russet Idaho mashed potatoes. And they gave us a coffee ice cream to cleanse the palate. So really elevated took up a notch.

We have come to a decision. Abby is going to walk out with the award for the best dish of the Nash chop challenge is dish number three is the winner winner chicken dinner. So whoever was dish number three, whatever team that was, it was amazing. All the food was amazing. I think at the end, we decided the elevated incorporation of the bacon and each of the ingredients kind of push it over the top for us.

While the ice cream was a nice touch. I don't think there's any bacon in it, but I like ice cream, so thank you very much for that one. Oh, the story. Yes, the story was amazing. And there it is for all you folks on YouTube.

This is how we did it say Hi. Yeah, that's how we do that. So anyway, thank you, guys. We're walking out here for the winters. Look at all these guys out here.

So who is this? Number three? Nice job. Good job, everybody.

Oh, look at that. That's how everybody was seeing it.

Yeah. So thank you guys for watching this video. Thumbs up. Thumbs down. Everybody likes food.

So, anyway, we'll see you next time. Have a great day.